Crypto withdrawals and deposits are automated.

100% of the cryptocurrency deposits arrives directly into our safely stored cold wallet. It never goes through a third-party payment system.

Trading on BtcPremium Platform is covered by our own hot wallet. We take this risk by adjusting the actions for security parameters and dynamic scam monitoring in your account, and setting our hot wallet limits and the dates and times of your withdrawal. These limits vary dynamically according to your account and transaction history.

Transactions outside these parameters are recorded manually. Manual licenses are processed at least three times a day (Monday to Friday). These intervals become more frequent when the amount or the quamtity increases.

Withdrawal requests can be served more often if 2 or more authorized administrators are present, as thesy require multiple signing approvals. We will notify the admins as soon as we receive a refund request.

If a given withdrawal does not arrive, open a support request where the reference number should be the TXR number of the missing withdrawal in order to speed up the investigation of the case.